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Speaking Online for Free: A Surprisingly Profitable Way to Attract New Clients

  • 11 Sep 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom



Speaking Online for Free: A Surprisingly Profitable Way to Attract New Clients

Friday, September 11, 2020

Presenter: Mary Cravets

Speaking has always been a great client-generation strategy. With the massive migration to virtual meetings, this opportunity has multiplied exponentially. There’s a bigger demand for speakers ready to present online, you can expand your reach without travel costs, and it’s significantly less intimidating to speak from the comfort of your own home!

So how do you make sure your online speaking strategy brings in new clients, instead of being just a frustrating waste of time? Our presenter Mary Cravets built her multi-six-figure business primarily through no-fee speaking, and in this engaging talk she’ll show participants how to:

  • Design a plan of exactly what to do before, during and after a speaking gig (live or online!) to make your audience hungry to work with you (even before you walk through the door)
  • Understand the one thing you MUST do to turn no-fee speaking into a steady stream of great clients
  • Integrate speaking into a complete client generation strategy so you can build a profitable business, without working nights and weekends
 About Our Speaker

Mary Cravets (pronounced CRAY-vets) is a Client Generation Expert and International Speaker, and is described as having a “coach approach to marketing,” helping her clients significantly grow their businesses without working nights and weekends.

Using her methods, the majority of her clients quickly increase their income 50-100%.

Clients include the former CFO of Microsoft North America, thought-leaders in the coaching industry and rising stars in a variety of other professions.

Mary is also an avid roller coaster enthusiast and a kayaking volunteer for a wildlife protection program in Morro Bay, California.

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