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Coaching For Agility: The "Secret Sauce" for Success in a Disrupted World

  • 11 Jun 2021
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom


Coaching For Agility: the "Secret Sauce" for Success in a Disrupted World

Friday, June 11, 2021 at 11:30 AM MT

Presenter: Jeffrey Hull, PhD

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Program Details

These are challenging times for us all. Working through the on-going disruption of COVID-has prompted most organizations to re-evaluate--and re-invent--just about every aspect of their business model, work environment and structure. The evolution of leadership roles, with more culturally sensitive, emotionally flexible approaches has only accelerated.

And In spite of what we see in the politically charged 24-hour news cycle with autocratic leaders in power in many countries, there is also a broad, if quiet, revolution on the leadership landscape taking us in a completely different direction. This more collaborative, inclusive approach to leading, what I call a "beta-style", is focused not only on driving to a result, but also leveraging the talents and creativity of everyone.

In this environment of revolutionary change, coaches are called upon to engage at a whole new level of intensity, partnership, and support. Research with over 1200 coaches exploring the focus areas for a client's success demonstrates that there are three fundamental energy domains where agility is key: cerebral, emotional, and somatic. It will no longer suffice for leaders to play a one-note game, even if rational, stoic, directive, or "visionary". Teams in today's disrupted world require emotional support, a sense of trust, inclusion, and belonging, and perhaps most importantly, a psychologically-safe community, if the goal is high performance. This new level of hyper-agility for leaders is a tall order to fill and coaches have a more crucial role to play than ever before.

In this interactive webinar, we will discuss the results of years of research into three energetic systems that underpin leadership agility -- and walk through the six domains where developing the ability and capacity to flex between "alpha" and "beta" approaches makes all the difference. A framework for understanding these dimensions of leadership agility will be shared -- and we will walk through real-life examples of how coaching supports leaders to be effective on both a local and global scale.

In addition -- but equally important to building the "agility muscle" in our clients, we must "walk our talk" and be role models for flexibility ourselves. In this context, we will also discuss how we can raise our own self-awareness of our strengths and growth edges in the way we show up as coaches -- for how we demonstrate, practice and reflect agility and resilience can be inspirational -- providing hope, encouragement for "what is possible" as we foster the new, hopefully, better 'normal'.

Takeaways from this event include:

1. How to coach clients to leverage the three energy domains of agility: cerebral, emotional & somatic

2. Learn the six research-based dimensions of leadership agility and how coaches can become adept at navigating them, at an accelerated pace, with clients (and themselves)

3. Gain tips for applying positive psychology principles to build your own self-awareness and "coaching agility" -- to increase your success and impact as a coach

About Our Speaker

Jeffrey Hull, PhD, BCC is CEO of Leadershift, Inc. a leadership development consultancy based in New York City and author of the best-selling book, FLEX: The Art and Science of Leadership in A Changing World, from Penguin-Random House in 2019. A highly sought after speaker, consultant and executive coach with over twenty-five years working with C-suite leaders worldwide, Dr. Hull is a Clinical Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School and adjunct Professor of Leadership at New York University. He is the Director of Education and Business Development at the Institute of Coaching, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate. Dr Hull has been featured in Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, and a wide range of media.

He can be reached at www.jeffreyhull.com.

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