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February 2017 Newsletter

21 May 2017 10:29 AM | Anonymous

Table of contents:

1. President's Note
2. Something to Ponder
3. Member Spotlight
4. Upcoming Meetings
5. Resources/


A note from the President: 

Welcome, my fellow coaches, to a new calendar year. I hope the holiday season was everything you hoped for, and that the recent winter weather pattern has done nothing to dilute the positive emotions generated.

With the turn of the calendar comes “Strategic Planning Season” at the Professional Coaching Association of Idaho. In the last newsletter, my note referenced all that has come to pass for PCA Idaho up that point. Much of that was driven by our current plan, and I’m happy to report you met or exceeded every goal you set. I’ve been involved in strategic and operational planning for nearly all of my 31-year professional career, and this is the first time I’ve been able to report a 100% “Nailed it!” I suppose it is to be expected of professional coaches. Thank you for your dedication and participation all the same.

But wait; there’s more! Now your officers and board are tasked with managing the evolution of the plan for the 2018 fiscal year (running from June 2017 through May 2018). “How can I help?” you ask. Well first, thanks for asking. PCA Idaho members have a great reputation for active contribution. Second, get involved in a committee. There are three standing committees: Membership, Programs, and Marketing/Communication. Regardless of where you think your expertise lies, I know you can add to our success by jumping in. Our committee chairs are:

Membership – Stacy Harshman (stacy@yourfulfillinglife.com)

Programs – Linda Secretan (lsecretan@gmail.com)

Marketing/Communication – Ruth Romero (ruth@ruthromero.com)


Feel free to reach out to any or all of them. I can tell you the time commitment for each is only a few hours per month, and the more of you being involved makes the work lighter. Please, please, please join a committee. They are the engines that have driven all of the success to date.

“How else can I help?” you ask. My, aren’t we the little go-getter! Jan Salisbury (jansalisbury@cableone.net) is our current vice president and president-elect. Also, she is the chair of the ad hoc nominating committee, and she needs help creating a slate of officers for the next fiscal year. You can help her by being a member of the committee, and/or throwing your hat in the ring for a board position. We have openings for vice president, secretary, and marketing/communication chair. Please, please, please consider helping Jan, even if you jump onto one of the standing committees. The term for the nominating committee is just for the next few months.

So again, thank you so much for your active membership, and for considering the opportunities above. I’ll leave you with Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” I hope you’ll take an active role in creating the future for the Professional Coaching Association of Idaho.

- Bill Rauer

Something to ponder:

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities."

-James Allen

Member Spotlight:

Tom Hardison serves as PCA Idaho's Treasurer. His journey to professional coaching is both familiar to many of us while at the same time being an original story belonging only to Tom.

15 years ago, Tom stumbled upon coaching accidentally (an experience many of us share), when he was asked to do some coach training for a major integration at HP, when they were merging with Compaq. "It was a fascinating experience. I really enjoyed helping executives focus on questions like, 'How do we accelerate our businesses as we merge teams?' From there I became more interested in coaching for people development. Lots of training was available [at HP], but it was for management, not coaching." So, despite his interest, it would be another 10 years before Tom revisited the world of coaching.

In 2013, Tom began pursuing coaching as a career. Uniquely available to him in the area were a number of other professional coaches--David Spann, Jan Salisbury, Dawn Monroe, and others who he relied on for guidance. It was David Spann who introduced him to Presence-Based Coaching, a book by Doug Silsbee that has evolved into a coaching methodology and training program. Tom loved the book, went through the training program, and the rest is history.

A discussion of Tom's journey would be incomplete without a summary of the Presence-Based Coaching model. According to Tom, "Presence-Based Coaching is a process model with a set of skills and principles about what being a coach is. We coach on both the intellectual/mental level and the emotional/somatic level. It helps us become effective at both of these levels so that we can best serve our clients." In short, Presence-Based Coaching includes fostering an awareness of the shifting nervous system--the underlying mood and what emotions might be arising--and reflecting those emotions back to the client. For example, Tom's client may share something that causes Tom to recognize some discomfort in himself, which he openly and honestly communicates to the client, thereby serving as a mirror of impact. "Presence-Based Coaching conversations go beyond just the words that are being shared."

Tom says the Presence-Based Coaching model has been extremely valuable for him. Since receiving his certification from that training, Tom has joined the International Coach Federation and PCA Idaho, and has obtained his Associate Certified Coach credential. He continues to attend training programs for his own personal learning and to improve the quality of coaching he delivers to his clients. He wants everyone in PCA Idaho to know that, "going through ICF membership and credentialing was beneficial because of improved rigor that increased my confidence and helps me be a better resource to my clients."

PCA Idaho is thankful to have Tom as a member. He is a wonderful person who we are lucky to know. If you would like to reach out to him, feel free to do so at tom@generativeleadershipgroup.com, or at 208.914.1750

Upcoming Presentations:

PCA Idaho Monthly Meetings second Friday of every month:

1. February 10--Experienced coaches  at the peak of their powers will enliven our spring series with ideas that will have you thinking and growing. To get us all ready for great content to come, PCA-I asks everyone to be present at the next meeting, February 10!

Together we’re far smarter than either Alice or the Cheshire Cat. We know where we want to go–our mission says so! Together as Idaho’s “professional community of  coaches” we can chart our course. Whether you are an original member who’s been building your own awesome practice or a newbie who wants to learn from some of the founders, you are crucial to a solid and responsive Strategic Plan. PCA-I needs you February 10th!

2. March 10--Spring Series, Professional Development
3. April 14--Spring Series, Professional Development (continued)

Resources and Announcements:

Tom's Recommendation: Presence-Based Coaching, by Doug Silsbee: Available on Amazon

A summary of the origins of different coach training paradigms (click for larger view). Presence-Based Coaching has its roots in the Ontological paradigm: 

For Health and Wellness Coaches: Effective immediately, the NCCHWC is changing its name to ICHWC. See details here: http://ichwc.org/

For all PCA-I members: Our social media community pages are young and we want to grow them! Visit us on Facebook for general coaching conversation, LinkedIn for referrals and recommendations, and our Website for private discussions about your coaching practice!

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