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The Culturally Intelligent Coaching Mindset

  • 14 Apr 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • 96



The Culturally Intelligent Coaching Mindset

PresenterKelley Johnson

Date: Friday, April 14th, 2023 at 12:00 PM MT

FeesChapter Reserve Member - Free, Community Associate - Free, Non-Member $25, Chapter Affiliate Member - $15

Embodying a culturally intelligent coaching mindset requires coaches to remain aware of and open to the influence of culture on self and others, but what does that look like – particularly in cross-cultural coaching partnership?

As we understand the cultural context of our clients, we strengthen the coaching relationship as we foster more trust and safety - allowing clients to express concerns, thoughts and beliefs about sensitive issues such as cultural authenticity, bias, and inequality.

During this session, we will learn how coaches of all backgrounds can create greater awareness with their clients by deepening our listening for what may be unsaid about cultural influences and how they are showing up in the client’s professional life

. • Culturally Intelligent Coaching brings to the practice of executive coaching an understanding of how culture is formed, and influences are beliefs, actions and results

. • Culturally Intelligent Coaching provides leaders the opportunity to align their unique cultural context and experiences with current and future goals. This safe space allows leaders to achieve greater levels of congruency and capacity in their careers.

• Culturally Intelligent Coaching mitigates performance and leadership gaps, creates a deeper level of satisfaction with work and life, and enables leaders to achieve and sustain more effective contributions to the organization.

Through Culturally Intelligent Coaching, we can help people achieve a more authentic leadership approach that empowers leaders to leverage, rather than dismiss, their unique perspectives and background.

Kelley Johnson is a truth teller and problem solver who helps regional and global organizations build diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace cultures through her consulting and leadership development firm. Before launching KEIRUS in 2015, Kelley's corporate career included leadership positions in marketing communications, corporate social responsibility, and talent management.

The former chief diversity officer for a Fortune 500 company, Kelley was instrumental in the organization achieving external recognition and acclaim for linking business innovation and talent development with Inclusion and Diversity. She has also held multi-country responsibilities during her 10+ year career working for a global hospitality company.

Kelley is author of EMERGE! and INFINITE, a Hogan-certified executive coach and a graduate of Texas Woman's University. Outside of work, Kelley balances between being a dance and basketball mom, serving on the board of directors for KERA, a public media company, and helping her son survive law school.

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